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Presale: Coming Soon

I’m very pleased to announce the Winners’ Guide Presale is going to be starting soon. I’ll be giving exclusive access to all my friends, family, followers and fans on Facebook.  You’ll receive your copy of the book up to 1 week before everyone else, plus it’s 15% off.

Kyle HillPresale: Coming Soon

My Friend The Rabbi

The other day I met with a Rabbi. Something was screaming out inside of me telling me that I had to speak with him. I found my way to a Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Prague, where I found 2 kind Jewish chaps and asked them where I could find a Rabbi? They gave me a map and pointed …

Kyle HillMy Friend The Rabbi

Ane Brun – Halo

This song has so many different wonderful meanings to us all. It carried me through a turbulent period of my life and kept me at peace.

Kyle HillAne Brun – Halo

Klingande – Jubel

I fall in love with this song, every time I hear. It’s just wonderful and perfect for Summer 2014.

Kyle HillKlingande – Jubel

Ruarri Joseph – Got My Share

This and many of Ruarri’s other songs played such a significant part the last 6-12 months. He’s relatively unheard of, but by far one of the most talented people of the decade.

Kyle HillRuarri Joseph – Got My Share

Jake Isaac – Waiting Here

I heard this song right at the end of the book. It’s one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard.

Kyle HillJake Isaac – Waiting Here

Coldplay – Magic

There is somebody particularly special in my life, whom I did not mention in the book. This song always reminded me of meeting her. We were waiting to get off the plane, when we noticed each other. She’ll know who she is.

Kyle HillColdplay – Magic

My Not So Fatal Addiction

I’m totally, completely and utterly hooked. I’m as hooked as a heroin addict smoking a 20 pack a day. There’s nothing I can do to conquer this life entangling addiction. I find myself in and out of rehabilitation, only to reach a point in my life where all I think about is getting the next fix. Months pass and my …

Kyle HillMy Not So Fatal Addiction

Moments: How To Live In Them

We’ve all had good and bad times in our lives. Those incredible moments where you find yourself wanting to live forever and those moments where it seems like your world is caving in. It’s the roller coaster ride of being a human being. In the context of a roller coaster. Our youth is the beginning of the ride and we …

Kyle HillMoments: How To Live In Them
Letting Go

Letting People Go

Sometimes in life you’ve just got to learn to let go of people. It’s just a fact of the natural process of our personal evolution. When there is even a niggling feeling that someone or something isn’t right – you must look within yourself for what’s causing it. If you find that someone you love is someone whom you believe …

Kyle HillLetting People Go