About The Author

What do I say that portrays me in the light that will make you understand just what my book and I are about? It’s hard to comprehend what it is that makes me worthy of writing such a provocatively titled book, The Winners’ Guide.

What makes me a winner you might wonder?

I am a winner simply because I found happiness in being the most loving, kind, generous and honest person I could – despite experiencing both the best and worst life can offer.

And then I found a way to share it, my journey, my mistakes and some inherited wisdom with the world so that you too can fall in love with the idea of becoming the best person possible, financially free and living your dreams.

I wrote this book from my heart, using a combination of a wonderful story and divine inspiration. The universe has always had a plan for my soul, and this is the book that tells the story I had always had to write. This is my gift to the world, and I’m confident it’s the best gift you’ll ever receive.

– Kyle, 27 Year Old, Scottish Author of The Winners’ Guide