[IMPORTANT] The Points System

  • April 25, 2018 at 12:14 pm#10158

    How To Earn Karma Points

    To say a big loving thank you for your time and effort, all members automatically earn points for contributing content to the guide and for participation in our community. In the near future, you’ll be able to unlock self-development courses, buy products and services, gift Karma to your favourite teachers and much more. We’re still developing the system for spending Karma, but you’re able to collect it immediately after registration!

    Here’s an up-to-date list of the points you receive:

    As a consumer:

    • Signing-up: 100 points
    • Logging In: 25 points*
    • Viewing forums: 3 points*
    • Viewing topics: 3 points
    • Viewing posts in the guide: 3 points
    • Viewing products in the marketplace: 3 points
    • Updating your member profile: 5 points (Max. 30/month)
    • Updating your profile picture: 10 points (Max. 2/month)
    • Updating your profile cover picture: 10 points (Max. 2/month)

    As a contributor:

    • Contributing a post: 100 points + 1 point per view**
    • Contributing a forum topic: 25 points + 1 point per view
    • Contributing a forum reply: 10 points
    • Commenting on a post in the guide: 10 points
    • Publishing a product in the marketplace: 100 points ***
    • Leaving a product review: 50 points

    * Limited to once per day.
    ** Subject to editorial approval. Learn how to contribute blog posts here.
    *** Vendors and coaches only.


    • Points will automatically be deducted for deleted content, either by you or the moderators.
    • Points awarded are subject to change, without notice.
    • If your account is suspected of abuse (bots etc.) your account will be terminated and blocked with NO warning.
    • Any questions or concerns please address them in this forum, we’re more than happy to help.

    Although we are running sophisticated tracking technology checking for abuse and ensuring points are collected correctly. In order to protect the community, we have limited certain actions to ensure everyone has a positive experience in our community.

    Thank you and enjoy!

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