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Pay-per-click advertising offers great value for money for those with proven sales funnels. Please choose an option below to get started:

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Pay-per-click advertising offers great value for money for those with proven sales funnels.

With, you always get what you pay for: guaranteed human clicks of your ads with no expiry date.

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Banner ad size: 300 x 300px
Location: Top Right Hand Corner on 15,000+ Motivational Videos (preview)
Acceptable formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML & Javascript Code

Pay-per-click advertising is great for

  • Selling products and services
  • Building email lists
  • Measured financial results
  • Results driven campaigns
  • Much more.

Pay-per-click ads are preferred by entrepreneurs who have developed tried and tested sales funnels. With a well oiled sales funnel, it’s relatively easy to understand how many people that land on your sales page become customers. Once advertisers have average profit-per-click it’s much easier to allocate budget to producing those clicks.

For example; you purchase 100 clicks for $100 ($1 per click.) Assuming your product is worth at least $100, all you need is one conversion in every one hundred clicks (1% conversion rate) to cover the cost of your advertising.

Everything else is profit. Therefore if your sales funnel converts at least 3-5% of visitors into customers, for every $1 dollar you spend in advertising will come back $3-5 in revenue.

Understanding this ROI (return on investment) matrix can allow you to scale up your advertising and have consistent growth inline with your advertising budget. If you’re still a bit confused, feel free to reach out to our advertising team via email: [email protected]

If you’re looking to build brand exposure, get your name and face out there to millions of visitors and you’re not too interested in clicks; perhaps Pay-Per-Impression advertising might work in your favour. View pricing here.

Looking for a custom package? Please contact our advertising team here.