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Pay-per-impression advertising offers great value for money for those looking to build brand recognition. Please choose an option below to get started:

Available ad types

  • Plain Text and Code
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Pay-per-impression (pay-per-view) offers great value for money for those looking to build brand recognition on our platform.

With, you always get what you pay for: guaranteed human views of your ads with no expiry date.

Ad specs

Banner ad size: 300 x 300px
Location: Top Right Hand Corner on 15,000+ Motivational Videos (preview)
Acceptable formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML & Javascript Code

Pay-per-impression advertising is great for

  • Launching your next book!
  • Getting your name, face or brand out there.
  • Promoting an upcoming event.
  • Much more.

Pay-per-impression ads are designed to cement your vision into the collective mind. Of course many people will stick click on these ads, however, most will subconsciously register it and then when it pops up somewhere else – you’ll have a much higher chance at converting that person.

If you have a proven sales funnel, with a consistent revenue-per-click we recommend you take a look at our guaranteed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) pricing here.