Is living in the past holding you back?

I dived deep to share the most personal story of my life, so that you can overcome anything that's holding you back from winning yours.

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About The Winners’ Guide

When I began the process of writing this book back in 2012, I'd envisioned writing something that read like a cliche self-help book. Forcing myself to write page after page of meaningless non-sense that could be barely be distinguished from all the other 'inspirational' noise out there. 

Then one day, a friend and I took some magic mushrooms, putting the entire project into a new colourful perspective. I rewrote the entire thing from start to finish. Sharing a deep, personal, sometimes embarrassing story that lead to your average joe writing and publishing a very well-received book, boldly titled The Winners' Guide.

Irrespective of it's egocentric, often misunderstood name; this book is really inspiring. If anything it will bring a tear to your eye, a smile to your face and a few ideas of how you can burn through the bullshit and become the best, most happiest version of you.

Who Am I?

Hey, I'm Kyle, an easygoing, high energy, big hearted conscious and loving being, born on this planet to have fun and give myself to the world. An author, mentor and entrepreneur with huge ambitions to do awesome things with art, writing and business.

I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1988, and grew up to become someone who would literally travel the universe to discover the key ingredients to peace, happiness, wealth and prosperity whilst writing an amazing book sharing an honest true story that inspires you to follow your hearts, monetize your purpose and live your dreams.

Making it my personal passion and mission to inspire you to love yourself enough to realise your God-given potential. To help you see just how amazing you already are.

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What People are Saying

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I can’t articulate how amazing and inspiring it is. The story is beautifully written and it will stay with me for a long time. Don’t think I could ever justify this review with words but nonetheless, thank you, Kyle, for sharing with me your story.Cynthia Goh (Facebook)

Written very honestly with wit and humour, not a self help book in the norm. More a realisation that you are who you are because of what you’ve experienced. As a product of our environment and how we choose to use what it teaches us, we are ultimately responsible for our own happiness. Worth a read if you are struggling to find direction in life, it helps you realise that we all go through difficult times, it’s how you deal with that experience that defines you.
Jacqui J. (Amazon)

Touching book. Truly unconventional. It is true – this isn’t another self-help book where the author tells you what you should do. Here, for a change, the author tells you his story. A rough story, many authors would never uncover their lives this way, but he opens himself completely to the reader. He is so brutally honest, about himself, about the people and life around – and you immediately fall for it. You feel you identify with the character, because, yes, you are also flawed, but at the same time you are a beautiful human being trying to find your place on the Earth.Karolina Rocka (Amazon)

Couldn’t put it down-great read. Very relate-able with a great attitude. Not a self help book more of a literary cheerleader for life!Chloe McCormack (Amazon)

Intense and refreshing. There is a message in this book that will speak to everyone. Told in a very unique way. Would recommend.Lewis Scholten (Amazon)

I read this book with a mixture of goosebumps and tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe how much I could relate to his experiences. It’s amazing to think someone I know, albeit not well, can have written this (which seems to have now been bought by thousands- well done!) and make it feel like it’s been written just for me!Becki (Amazon)

A more humourous, honest, relatable and romantic version of The Secret. Can’t wait for more!! Absolutely loved it. Thankyou 🙂Scozzie (Amazon)