Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Have To Do?

It's so simple. You just gotta contribute a video or two relating to your passion that inspires others to grow and evolve. Maybe you want to create a short story, tutorial, song, or a poem and just share it with the world? Get started..

How Do I Earn Money?

Everytime someone lands on your post (for eg. from a search engine or social media share) and buys something (coaching, retreats etc.) from our website or marketplace – you earn a 5% share of the sale. 

What Products Do I Endorse?

You earn a share of a great range of coaching products and services, from life coaching to yoga retreats. All revenue is generated from changing lives. You can sleep at night, knowing miracles are happening because of you.

What If I Don't Feel Creative?

No worries, we all go through periods where we can't find our creativity. You can still refer people to our website (any page, post, product etc.) and we'll pay you a share of any revenue that referral generates.

Do I Earn Money From Subscriptions?

Yes! This is the best part of our system. Everytime someone subscribes to our VIP Membership or monthly coaching packages, you earn 5% of each payment (until they cancel.)

Are There Limits?

Of course not! Share as many gifts as you possibly can. But remember, we're a quality guide. Make sure the content you produce is good quality and contains minimal mistakes. See our content guidelines here.

What If Someone Views Other Posts?

Whichever post the customer lands on first earns 5% of anything bought by that customer within 30 days of landing on it. Cookies are generated when the customer arrives and don't go unless they clear them. 

Can I Track Conversions?

The system automatically does the tracking for you. It's 100% watertight, with no human intervention. You'll always earn money when someone purchases ANYTHING from our website.

How & When Do I Get Paid?

Once your earnings hit $50 you can request a withdrawal at any time via PayPal or international Bank Transfer. There are no limits to withdrawals! PayPal fees are 3% and bank transfers are a flat rate of $6.