Hard Work vs Work Hard – Which do you choose?

Entrepreneur TV 2019 – Episode Four: Hello from Whistler, Canada! Does your work feel like hard work, or are you working hard where it doesn’t even feel like work?

In this video I share the story of how our first Entrepreneur Beach Club got started. You can find out more about the Beach Club, Genius Cafe in Bali, at https://geniuscafebali.com

You can also connect with Chef Cynthia Louise at https://www.chefcynthialouise.com

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About Roger: Roger James Hamilton is a futurist, social entrepreneur and New York Times Bestselling Author of the Millionaire Master Plan. He is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics & Genius Test Profiling Systems, used by over 250,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

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