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Hey there!

These 5 simple and quick kids recipes were so fun to make (I promise I’m not lying)! They are also lunches that I now cook for myself and take no longer than 15 mins.

The key words I like to follow when cooking for shay are:
– Variation
– Colourful
– Adventurous
– Balanced

Though this is not always possible, I find by following these, I can always make a yummy meal that he loves to dig into!!

The 5 Recipes are:

1. Avocado & Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potato
2. Broccoli, Sausage & Brown Rice Pasta Dish
3. Sesame Sweet Potato Falafel Box
4. Hummus Veggie Wrap
5. Special Egg Fried Rice

I hope you love them. I’d love to hear how you found this video – If so I can definitely start making some more!

Lots of love,

Madeleine. Xx


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High On You – Hallman
Caught Up In A Dream – Loving Caliber

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