I'm just your average guy, doing something I love. Helping other people. I've built a multimillion dollar business by 29, sharing my story and inspiring others to do the same.

Hey brother or sister, I'm Kyle Hill, an easygoing, high energy, big hearted conscious and loving being, born on this planet to have fun and give myself to the world. An author, mentor and entrepreneur with huge ambitions to do awesome things with art, writing and business.

I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1988, and grew up to become someone who would literally travel the universe to discover the key ingredients to peace, happiness, wealth and prosperity whilst writing an amazing book sharing an honest true story that inspires you to follow your hearts, monetize your purpose and live your dreams.

I built this platform to give EVERYONE the opportunity to showcase what they love and earn money for doing so. It's my dream to see this become the world's greatest crowdsourced self-help guide.

Everyone's a winner, baby.

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