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Christopher Rickshew

Realise Your Inner Badass

Chris has the most amazing energy. He's done a lot of self-work and development to learn to love himself fully. His coaching is to the point, no bullshit, but delivered with his gentle touch. He's one a kind and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to realise their inner badass. To crack open their personal shell.

Chris has been coaching most of his life, but he officially launched his coaching business in 2017 while he was living in Bali. In his first 8 weeks he coached over 100 people one-on-one, became the Life Coach in Residence at the #1 co-working space in SE Asia, lead a productivity incubator, gave multiple public talks, and taught two workshops every week for 20-30 people on how to change their lives.

With Chris You'll Discover:

  • What you want, who you need to be to get it, and what is currently stopping you.
  • Create a plan of action that is in alignment with what you want and designed to overcome anything that could hold you back.
  • Refine the results. What worked, what didn't work? This is where you learn how you best operate and make the necessary tweaks to get massive life changing results!
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Helene Weiss

NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and Former Humanitarian Worker

Helene is bilingual (English & German) NLP Master Practitioner and life coach with a down-to-earth, results driven approach. She's notoriously organised and helps here clients to become the same. 

Helene uses a certain combination of questions, trance, language patterns and guided visualisations so you let her access your emotional core and belief system behind the challenges you’re facing. She'll amend the internal experience of whatever is blocking you naturally move forward. She'll also install new emotional and behavioural patterns to ease the way you achieve your goals.

With Helene You'll Discover:

  • Overcoming fears, f.e. fear of public speaking
  • Increasing confidence, f.e. lack of self-belief or anxiety
  • Quitting unwanted behaviours, f.e. procrastination
  • Limiting beliefs around self, others, business
  • Dealing with trauma and phobia
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Take Control.

Lets work together to give your life new meaning and purpose. Let's discover your gold mine talent and monetize it online, so that you can join thousands of other millenials who are traveling the world and living their dreams. Lets raise the vibration of this planet - one soul at a time.


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Great if you already have a very clear vision of what you want and know how to get it but just need some quick guidance and a swift kick in the ass to get you going.

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