The Most Important and Simple Thing Is to Awaken to the Truth


“What about now?”

Through this quintessential inquiry, Moojibaba takes us into the heart of the present moment. Without holding on to the past or future, can there be any problems, or even questions? From start to finish, this Satsang offers powerful and direct guidance into clear seeing.

“There’s only This. Recognise your effortless emptiness essence. All the saints and sages are the same one Being, same like you.”

19 April 2019
Monte Sahaja, Portugal


Music before Satsang: “Take Me All the Way Home” by Omkara, available on the album “Take Me All the Way Home”

Music after Satsang: “Grace” by Bholenath

This video is the ‘Satsang of the Week’ for 21 April 2019
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