The Significance of Your Phone’s Homescreen

What do you have on your homescreen? Let me know in the comments.

The home screen of a smartphone in today’s society is the biggest gateway to the human psychology. You have utilities, calendar, evernote, to-do list and then entertainment: games and music. Nobody has anything else on the homepage of their smartphone. We can even test my theory out – can you all take your smartphones out and take a look on what is on your smartphone? What you will start to notice is that your cell smartphone provides you with escapism, entertainment, information, utility and social. Our entire life is on our cellphones, so in today’s society we can get a great glimpse inside the human psychology just by looking at the home screen of a iphone.

Many people like to organize their home screen apps by those most frequently used. That way the home screen apps are easily accessible. But, even if you scroll to the second, third, fourth page of apps, you’ll be pressed to find anything that does not fall under the category of communication, utilities, games and music.