The Titan Summit | Shaquille O’Neal

NBA Superstar Shaquille O’Neal has been one the most riveting Faculty members I’ve had on stage at #TheTitanSummit. With real-world success stories and strategies on how he’s been able to maintain the mindset of a champion on the court, in business, and in life, he made an incredible impact on everyone in the room.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: in response to the remarkable demand, I’ve just opened up the first block of public seats for The Titan Summit 2018…

…this 4-day live event with me and my world-class Faculty is widely considered one of the best masterminds on the planet for people seriously ready to become empire-makers and history-creators. [This event is NOT for everyone].

…most of the seats have already been taken up by participants at last year’s Summit as well as by my clients who attended Personal Mastery Academy in June.

…The Titan Summit 2018 will be held at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto on December 8-11.

…regular tuition fee is $40,000 again this year but if you act now you’ll get a GREAT discount that you absolutely will LOVE [and definitely don’t want to miss]. Snap up one of the remaining seats here:

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