Use the Light of the ‘I’ to See Your Self

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Satsang of the Week — 6 January 2019

Moojibaba powerfully reveals the quintessence of his pointing in this Satsang.

“The mind is inviting you from I to take another step, and I tell you no, stop in this ‘I’. Be one with it, observe, feel.

You may feel a lot of I-person coming up, so much relation, so much projection, so much interpretation. How will it serve you to wake up? The very thing itself is sleep, it is dreaming because you left your ‘I’. You used it as a switch to see the world, now you must use it to see yourself.

Use the light of the ‘I’.”

Excerpt from Use the Light of the ‘I’ to See Your Self

19 June 2018

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